Our Funders

While restorative justice services are becoming more integrated within the Canadian legal system, they are not yet considered a part of it and therefore are not funded through the same structures as the police and court system in Canada. The province only provides restorative justice programs $2,500 yearly and their operating insurance. Like all restorative justice programs in BC, Restorative Justice Victoria (RJV) is a non-profit organization and required to do extensive fundraising to deliver programming.

We want to thank our generous funders who believe in our work and have given us the resources we require to provide this valuable service to the community!

We receive two general types of funding: core and project. Core funding goes towards our operational costs such as staffing and office costs. Our core funding comes from the following sources:

  • Municipalities of Victoria, Esquimalt, and Oak Bay
  • Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (Gaming Grant)
  • Provincial Employees’ Community Services Fund
  • Sisters of St. Ann

Project funding is for specific projects and the funding ends once the project is complete. We have received project funding from a variety of sources over our years of operation. The below list includes our current project funders and those who commonly fund projects with RJV:

  • The Victoria Foundation
  • First West Foundation
  • Emergency Community Services Fund
  • Rachel Davis Foundation through the Victoria Foundation
  • Allardryce Bower Foundation
  • Victim Fund – Department of Justice Canada
  • Civil Forfeiture – Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Victims and Survivors of Crime Week – Justice Canada Policy Centre for Victims Issues
  • Family Court and Youth Justice Committee
  • Department of Justice (Government of Canada)
  • United Way Southern Vancouver Island

"So impressed with the skills, commitment and presence of the facilitators, mentors, and community volunteers. Such high quality and effective, professional, and focused. "

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