Restorative Justice Victoria works closely with many professional organizations in the Greater Victoria area creating meaningful relationships and history. In doing so, the leadership team has had many opportunities to learn, and share their expertise. 

We offer a variety of training options. Please email us at for more information on a training you are interested in. 

Past clients include:

  • Camosun College
  • Roads University
  • Kwatlen College
  • Anglican Church
  • University of Victoria
  • KMC Training

"Restorative Justice came to my classes and I could see the dawning of understanding within my students as to how every individual's sense of justice varies, and that our current judicial system only accounts for one version that doesn't always involve victims. It allowed my students to dialogue and negotiate through the meaning of the term justice, and created for them a chance to see things differently and open up new channels of thinking. As an educator, my goal is to foster in students a set of critical thinking skills, Restorative Justice was a topic that created a lot of questions for them, which is exactly how critical thinking begins. "

Shannon Walsh
English 10, Social Studies 11, and Criminology Teacher Reynolds Secondary School