What's involved for the responsible party?

The process of Restorative Justice for offenders, of the responsible party, is a process of taking responsibilty, reparing harm done, and in doing so, growing as a human being. It is a critical part of the process to recognize that a harm  has been caused, and responsibility needs to be taken. Many of our responsible parties report a major change and growth opportunity in the Restorative Justice process. A typical restorative justice process is shown in the 4 steps below:

How long will it take?

The length of time a restorative justice process takes to complete depends on a variety of things. These include the severity/type of offence, readiness of victim(s) or offenders to face each other and the issues at hand, or the amount of items that must be satisfied by the offender as laid out in the Restorative Justices Agreement. Some cases take a matter of weeks, while others take more than a year however, the majority of cases take between 3 and 6 months, from start to finish.

The process and you

A restorative justice process provides responsible parties an opportunity to express their perspectives in a respectful and supportive environment, take responsibility for their actions and the harms they have caused, and fulfill their obligations to the victim and the community in a meaningful way.

Depending on the referral source, the offender may or may not be able to avoid a criminal record or a court process by participating in restorative justice.

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