FREE Restorative Justice & Victim Services Online Course by RJV

You can now access our FREE online training about victim services and RJ in BC, as well as victims’ justice needs and how we can be pioneers in supporting them together!

Click here to access the course. See Directions for Signing into Online Course (Updated) if you have any issues signing in.

The course launched March 1st, 2018, and will be offered for approximately one year (what our funding for this project is able to cover). We estimate it will take 3-5 hours to complete – you can go at your own pace.

Please pass the news along to any victim service or RJ practitioner or stakeholder you know! We’ve also posted it on Facebook and Twitter (@RestorativeYYJ), so re-posts are appreciated.





  • About the online course:
    • All four modules are now accessible. The course will be open until approximately March 1, 2019
    • It is not a replacement for formal restorative justice or victim services training required to be a practitioner in either field
    • The four modules are as follows:
      • Introduction to victim services in BC
      • Introduction to restorative justice in BC
      • Victims’ justice needs
      • Supporting victims exploring and participating in restorative justice
    • There is no limit to how many people can sign up for the online course, and multiple people registering from the same organization is totally fine (just use different email addresses to create your profiles). About half the course content is centred on BC specifically, but anyone in the world is welcome to sign up. The more the merrier! So far we have over 375 participants 🙂 Please share the word!
    • We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox to view the course and multimedia (via embedded Prezis)
    • Weekly auto-reminder emails are automatically set to “on” once you create a profile. To turn them off, click “Edit notification settings” at the very bottom of the email and un-check the box re: sending you weekly emails
    • Please note that there is no “back” button in the initial survey at the beginning of the course, so answer each question carefully – unfortunately there’s no way to get back in once you move to the next question.


If you have any questions or troubles, please contact us at Office @ and we’ll reply ASAP.




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