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RJV in the News

RJ Victoria in in constant contact with the community and as a result often ends up in news articles, participating in media events, or putting on an event themselves. Here are a few stories where RJ Victoria has been in the news:

Distracted Driving pilot project:

  • January 15, 2018: “Restorative Justice Pilot aims to change bad driving behaviours” (Ben Ziegler)
  • January 10, 2018: “Editorial: A way to train safer drivers” (Times Colonist)
  • January 9, 2018: “B.C. pilot program offers workshop instead of $543 fine for distracted driving” (CTV News)
  • January 6, 2018: “Some distracted drivers given a choice: $543 fine or workshop” (Times Colonist)
  • December 22, 2017: “VicPD hopes distracted driving education pilot gains provincial traction” (Victoria News)

April 22, 2016: “Restorative Justice repairs harm caused by crime” (Victoria News)
Features two of our clients’ stories about restorative justice.


November 4, 2015: “Victoria police chief touts $500,000 mental-health pilot project” (Times Colonist) Mentions that the Victoria Police Department is seeking additional funding for RJV from municipal councillors (“$23,000 to assist the continuation of a proven restorative-justice program”).


July 14, 2015: “Shortfall threatens restorative justice Oak Bay provider” (Oak Bay News)
Outlines our need for increased funding.


June 4, 2015: “Natural Systems Restoration with Peter Arcese, Media Democracy, and Restorative Justice Vic ED Gillian Lindquist” (Winds of Change)
A radio interview that features RJV’s executive director Gillian Lindquist speaking with host Janine Bandcroft about a man who stole something from Janine’s bicycle and her request for restorative justice being denied because of the man’s lengthy criminal history. The full interview is available here (begins at 37:49).

April 21, 2015: This CFAX 1070 interview with Pamela McCall, our ED Gillian Lindquist, and a caseworker describes Restorative Justice Victoria and the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week. The full interview is available here (begins at 38:27) and the transcript is available here.

January 12, 2015:
 “’Religious’ thief avoids jail time with community work” (Times Colonist)
Provides an update for Dennis (a prolific offender), the four people he victimized, and the restorative justice dialogue they did after Dennis plead guilty in court. Together, the group created an agreement for Dennis to complete in order to restore some of the harm he had caused and address the contributing factors to his crimes. This article outlines the restorative justice process and Dennis’ sentencing hearing.

April 8, 2014
: “Restorative justice: a path to healing, face to face” (Times Colonist)
We discuss a case in which a Commissionaire was in the process of writing up a parking ticket when the owner of the car began to berate him, then threw a traffic cone at him and left. He was later arrested and charged with assault. In a face-to-face meeting through Restorative Justice Victoria, the man and Commissionaire discussed what happened, who it affected, and how to address the harm done and causal factors of the crime.

April 7, 2014: “Restorative justice offers a way for peace to come from tragedy” (Times Colonist) Outlines two stories that “follow a similar arc in the way the victims found healing and closure within restorative justice programs, an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system that often leaves victims sitting on the sidelines.”

February 24, 2011: “Workshop focuses on helping youth help themselves” (Victoria News)
Restorative Justice Victoria held a presentation in February 2011 that focused on strategies for empowering youth to explore healthy choices. The presentation recognized that youth face unique circumstances and focused on the idea of applying restorative justice at home. Instead of applying punitive-like measures to resolve disputes at home, we encourage dialogue, understanding, and healing in conflict resolution within families.