We are a non-profit, community-based organization, seeking to address the harms caused by crime and violence.

Every year we receive anywhere from 75 - 125 referrals from the Victoria Police Department, Crown Counsel, University of Victoria, ICBC, and other area's of our community. Our services can be used as diversion from, or in conjunction with, the traditional justice system. Those who facilitate our processes are trained community members, most of whom are professionals in fields such as psychology, social work, counseling, and mediation. Since opening our doors in 2002, we have been referred over 500 incidents of crime and violence that occurred within the Victoria community and have facilitated hundreds of restorative justice dialogues. The goal of our work is to address victim needs and hold offenders meaningfully accountable for their actions. In order to do so, offenders must first accept responsibility for their role in the offense and the harm that they caused. Victims must also choose to voluntarily participate.

In the restorative justice process, everyone affected by a particular offense is invited to participate in a discussion called a dialogue which covers the following points:

  • what happened,
  • who has been affected,
  • how they were affected,
  • what the offender can do to make things right,
  • and, whether or not there are root causes that need to be addressed in the process.

Our most common referrals are mischief, assault, and theft, however, a restorative justice process can potentially be used for any crime in which harm has occurred. This can happen where the offender shows an adequate degree of responsibility and willingness to make amends, and where the victim would like an opportunity to be heard, to have questions answered, or to seek restitution. All cases must be individually assessed for appropriateness

A History of RJ Victoria


RJV regularly see 75+ cases per year

According to >>> Statistics >>> RJ Victoria has seen over 75 cases for more than 5 years. As the organization builds relationships and a repuation in the community, the expected case number will rise in the coming years.

Executive Director, Gillian Linquist, goes on Maternity

Gillian Lindquist goes on maternity leave and Dr. Jessica Rourke is hired at Acting Executive Director.

RJ Victoria ED wins national award

  • RJV’s Executive Director, Gillian Lindquist wins CSC’s National Ron Wiebe Award!
  • RJV moves to 1993 Lee Avenue in Oak Bay.

RJ Victoria signs MOU with Oak Bay Police

  • RJ Victoria signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Oak Bay Police Department to accept referrals that occur in Oak Bay.
  • Gillian Lindquist takes maternity leave and Dr. Jessica Rourke is hired as Acting Executive Director

RJ Victoria partners with ICBC

  • Gillian Lindquist takes over the role of Program Coordinator
  • RJ Victoria begins receiving referrals from ICBC.

RJ Victoria does “Theatre Outreach” project for Ministry of Public Safety

  • Thanks to seed funding from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and the Victoria Family Court & Youth Justice Committee, a “Theatre Outreach” project  (including RJ training for youth) was designed and presented at the Belfry Theatre and several Victoria schools.
  • RJV moves in to its first office, rented from Volunteer Victoria at #306-620 View Street.

RJ Victoria partners with Victoria Crown Counsel

RJV signed a memorandum of understanding with the Victoria Crown Counsel to receive cases

RJ Victoria has over 40 volunteers

RJV established an ongoing relationship with VicPD, serving the City of Victoria and Esquimalt, and provided training on restorative justice to the uniformed divisions of the VicPD. At that time we had 42 volunteers, 33 of whom were trained facilitators. We then became community partners with the Victoria Crown Counsel, Volunteer Victoria, and School District #61, offering community justice conferencing  and related services (e.g. victim-offender reconciliation)  for cases referred by police, Crown, court, school and community agencies.  We also developed restitution sessions at lunch hours in a middle school and  workshops and speakers for our volunteers, as well as public education events.

RJ Victoria partners with Vic PD

This year was a critical point for RJV: we signed an MOU with VicPD to take pre-charge diversion cases for minor offenses, Geanine Robey took on the role of Program Coordinator from Dana Caple Smith, and the number of referrals and projects began to grow exponentially.

RJ Victoria incorporates

RJV was officially incorporated as a society and embarked on a pilot project with the Victoria Police Department (VicPD).  Approximately 20 volunteers are trained and take on cases.

BC Government Community Accountability Program Award

Following a series of community meetings, fundraising and police liaison meetings, the group acquired start-up funds from the provincial government’s Community Accountability Program.

Restorative Justice Victoria starts taking cases

A citizen’s group interested in the philosophy of restorative justice formed to discuss delivering services in Victoria (Penny Joy, Saul Arbess, Robert Ball and Crystal White), which eventually became Restorative Justice Victoria (RJV).  Penny Joy was Chair of the RJV Board until 2010, and kindly offered the basement she co-owned with Saul Arbess as the principal operating location of the organization until 2009, when we got our own office.  Approximately 10 core volunteers helped RJV get off the ground.

Our Mission is…

-to develop and operate a restorative justice program for the benefit of the community -see it

to educate the general public and raise community awareness about restorative justice

The leadership team at Restorative Justice Victoria

Gillian Lindquist, BA

Executive Director

Gillian Lindquist has been working in the restorative justice field since 2009. She was first introduced to the concept through her training and practice as a mediator. She holds a Certificate in Conflict Management, a Certificate in Restorative Justice and

Laura Johnson, BA, BURPl, MADR

Program and Volunteer Manager

Laura began doing restorative justice casework in 2017, and became the Program and Volunteer Manager in 2018. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Economics and Psychology, a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, and a

Dr. Jessica Rourke, PhD

Complex Case Manager

Jessica has been volunteering with restorative justice since 2009. She sat on the board of Restorative Justice Oak Bay for 3 years and acted as the interim Executive Director of Restorative Justice Victoria in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. Jessica holds a

Carol Larson, BSN;M.Ed.(cnps)

Complex Case Worker

Carol has been volunteering with Restorative Justice Victoria since 2015, and came on as a staff member in 2016. She has a background in nursing (UVic) and counselling psychology (UBC). Carol is a clinical/family counsellor in private practice and a

Alyne Mochan

Board Chair

I was introduced to restorative justice several years ago, after taking the facilitator training workshop.   I had just finished law school, and the idea of a different approach to the traditional justice system appealed to me. For the first few